Japan Display Unveils 17-inch 8K LCD Screen

Source:  Latinos Post


Japan Display has announced an imminent breakthrough in the area of ultra-high screen resolution.  Japan Display, a joint venture among Sony, Toshiba, and Hitachi recently introduced the device as the “world’s first 17.3-inch high resolution (7,680(W) x RGB x 4,320(H) pixels), fast response (frame rate 120Hz) liquid crystal display (LCD) module.” The ultra-high resolution gadget is reported to be present for viewing at the CEATEC 2015 event later this October, as perEngadget.

“These displays offer four times the number of pixels that would be found on a 4K display, sitting at 7,680 by 4,320 pixels. The world’s first 8K display, offered by Sharp, measures a pretty hefty 85 inches,” Tech Times describes the mega high definition screen. “Japan Display, however, has managed to shrink that down to just 17.3 inches, making a display that would work well as a computer monitor. Making a display that small with such a high resolution works out to a massive 510 pixels per inch.”

See Japan Display’s “8K4K” screen  here.

According to Japan Digital (as cited by Tech Times), the display will find its ultimate use in medical settings. In addition, video and photo professionals and PC gamers would be well-enthused by this new feature. The catch, however, is in order to enjoy playing with this HD display, users would be required of a massive graphics support.

Meanwhile, Digital Trends has a more positive outlook about Japan Display’s new tech venture – spotlighting the possibility of a  “virtual reality.” The report remarks that with the extremely high resolutions the company will be offering, only a close up inspection of pixels will distinguish it. Moreover, if six inches could be subtracted  from total screen size, “it would be perfect for a head-mounted display,”