biotechSIRS is actively working in various regions in Southeast Asia (ASEAN) including: Vietnam, Singapore, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Burma (Myanmar) and Thailand.  Long known for its tourism, agriculture and trade economies this region is rapidly developing manufacturing, industrial and research and development capabilities.  With a population over 600,000,000 people and a combined GDP of US$ 1.7 trillion Southeast Asia presents a prime opportunity for companies looking to expand into the region.  The region has ample natural resources, excellent access to shipping and trade routes and increasing numbers of skilled labor, engineers and researchers.  Additionally, Southeast Asian governments are actively creating government policies and government sponsored research efforts to spur economic development in the region.  We’re seeing strong growth in domestic manufacturing, joint ventures, collaborative research and increased trade levels as the economies and standard of living increases in these countries.   With recent geopolitical realignment and some uncertainties in other parts of Asia we foresee an ever increasing importance of the Southeast Asian trading bloc.

With the ending of decades of sanctions, this market is starting to grow quickly with large infrastructure projects.

An enormous market with political stability for the first time in decades. Technology and insfratructure.

IT, electronics manufacturing, petrochemicals, and large infrastrucutre projects

A small, modern country with excellent technology.

Large market with construction, technology, automotive market growth.

Large infrastructure projects and some semiconductor manufacturing  technology.

Cambodia and Laos
Developing markets with large infrastructure projects.