About SIRS

Experts in international technology analysis, technology due-diligence, technology transfer, joint development, and cross-border project coordination.  

Let us do the scouting for you.

Many small or medium-sized companies looking for overseas expansion, strategic technology partnerships or other types of cross-border collaboration do not have the time or resources to perform extensive searches for suitable candidates.

Insight InterAsia’s Strategic Investment Research Services (SIRS) provides expertise in the scouting and identification of vital partners for overseas technology business activities.  Our staff are first and foremost technologists with extensive scientific and engineering backgrounds who can understand and identify mission-critical technology which is relevant to your goals.  We have a deep understanding of the differences in management philosophy and strategic undertakings between Asian and Western companies.  We are also seasoned business managers who have on-the-ground direct experience in Asia, the US and Europe.  We can bridge the cultural divide to obtain lucrative results for all parties involved.

SIRS specializes in the following technology areas: semiconductor, nanotechnology, microsystems (MEMS), photonics, sensors, photovoltaics, biomedical devices, pharma, robotics, cleantech, advanced materials, automotive, aerospace, transportation, and energy.

SIRS provides customized, effective high-value services in the following areas:

  • Representation of clients seeking to establish strategic R&D or Manufacturing activity in collaboration with overseas companies – Identify companies with the infrastructure to develop or manufacture critical aspects of your product and its technology
  • Targeted analysis of R&D activity and technology assets – Examine ongoing research and development, technology holdings, future R&D directions or other aspects of client selected companies
  • Search and identification of suitable M&A candidates – pre-M&A scouting for clients in Asia looking to buy overseas companies, business units, and/or intellectual property.
  • Representation to VC or funding groups for foreign-based start-up projects – Assist in creating and refining business plans or presenting proposals to appropriate groups who may be interested in funding your expansion
  • Technology and business development site visits – Arrange introductory meetings to discuss business and technology cooperation prospects